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If you want to have the ultimate party, then you need the Ultimate setup

If you want to go all out for your DJ sound lighting and entertainment for your party event then our Platinum package is the way to go.  Especially for large parties over 100 plus or large venues, Get all the bells and top of the line features for all of our services.  Such as

  • Dedicated 2 person entertainment team consisting of DJ and Host MC, with special performances

  • Totem truss with 4K displays for multimedia such as video and picture side shows.  Custom Monogram, Social media posting, Music video, and much more. 

  • Shure Digital SLXD series Microphones for crisp clear sound with no drop outs. 

  • Dual vertical fog machines. 

  • Personalized projected Monogram using a 75 watt Chauvet 260.  You get different colors and placement throughout the your event. 

  • and much much more.



Premium Multimedia Party Event
Perfect for Medium to large size events, held in medium to large ballrooms and spaces. 2,000 to 10,000 square foot area 50 to 500 people
$1200 for 5 hours
The Multimedia setup will give your Event the grandeur of a red carpet event, with your image on HD monitors mounted on Elegant Truss Tower stands with premium moving head lights.  4 speaker dual sub woofer 6000 watt sound system delivering concert quality sound with oomph and bass you can feel, your event will look and sound Hollywood Epic.
  • Pre party planning and virtual venue walk thru is included with this package
  • Professional Insured DJ/MC using professional grade DJ controller.  with Virtual unlimited song index 320 Bit high quality mp3 library collection.   and play and mix music playlist and request.  
  • 4 Speaker JBL PRX series sound system for full range sound, Clean deep bass you can feel and crisp mid and highs.  Consisting of 2 - 18" 1500 watt sub woofer and    2 - 12" 1500 watts top speakers perfect acoustics for larger rooms
  • 12 Chauvet Q6 wireless up lights with Bluetooth control for custom effects such as strobe pulse or chase, and color changes through out the night.
  • 2 Premium LED and Laser dance floor lights mounted on top of each speaker
  • Chauvet RGB vertical fog machine
  • 2 - 8 foot tall Aluminum totem truss with...
  • 2 DMX sync Chauvet spot 255 moving head lights bottom hanging
  • 2 DMX sync Chauvet Trio premium moving head lights top sitting.
  • 2 40" 4k monitors for Monograms, picture slide show, videos, Social media posting, graphics, etc. 
There are many ways to customize this setup
from addition to subtraction to meet your needs
(additional fees may apply)
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Multi Media Light Show
Looking to put on the ultimate show to blow away yourself and your guest.  We can build a sound system up to 40,000 watts and truss lighting rigs with up to 12 moving head gobos, over $25,000 dollars in premium lighting. 
  5000 to 40,000 square foot area up to 5000 people
here are some features of one of our popular setups
Call for pricing
  • 10 speaker quadraphonic stereo.  Consisting of 4 Front speaker which consist of 2 JBL SRX835 3 way speaker and 4 QSC 118 sub woofers for full range 4 way true concert quality sound. And for the rear 4 QSC k12.2, to create an even more amazing quadraphonic stereo sound effect .  Over 25,000 watts of pro audio sound.
Truss and Lighting
  • We can customize a truss setup up to 11' high by 14' wide, mounted with Premium moving head lights, with Dedicated DMX control for a TRUE EDC level light and video display. 
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corporate pool side party

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